the Organic chicken breast, dried, sliced with a beautiful sheet. by the research of the chicken pieces are chewy easy and compact size for dogs make them happy to eat. The chicken used is different from the general ones in that the fat removal of the chicken is completely removed with a special procedure, resulting in a piece of chicken that lean and fat free for dogs that need energy, build a muscle and control weight and body fat that cause obesity, liver disease, pancreatitis. And many other diseases Made from 100% organic chicken meat, product contains no flour, flavorings and colors, including preservatives, are production process in the clean- room and engineered machinery make every packet are aromatic aroma like coming out of a new oven, every packet’s aromatic aroma, this is the special innovation of PETSMILE. Dogs with liver problems, kidney disease can eat.

main ingredient : Chicken Breast
registered : 0109610144
Net Weight : 50 g.
Shelf life : 18 months