The first time in the world is a changing color pad, when an abnormality happened, checking easily detect anomalies such as gallstones, toxins, plague by compare a pad color, and checking an infection by myself at home to help the owner see anomaly, to reduce the sudden death of dog, the pad produced from plants and material domestic to promote job employment and support farmers directly. The pad biodegradable completely rapid than normal pads 1200 times, it safe and environmentally friendly. make a difference and sustainability.  Commit to improving the quality of life of people and pets by promoting the creation of jobs in the country and creating high-quality products for pets to become self-reliant, reduce foreign imports, as well as promote Thai agricultural products and product processing from agricultural waste to reduce incineration. This is a major cause of pm 2.5, greenhouse gas problems, and climate change. Link the value of Thai agricultural products and equality, giving every pet owner access to innovative pet products for a better quality of life. It will reduce poverty by 5000 households and 50000tonsCO2 CO2 reduction in 2025,